If you’re wondering what are the best spots to surf in Morocco, you’ll find all the information you need concerning the best Morocco surf spots, where are the best surf schools in the country and how much renting surf equipment will cost. The Atlantic coastline of Morocco is fantastic for surfing and most beaches are easily accessed either by public transport or with your own vehicle.



We offers many possible surfing experiences for beginners, experienced, advanced surfer, young or old. Discover surfing in the South of Morocco safely with our qualified surf instructors.


Level: Beginners to advanced

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

10 min drive



One place that we recommend for intermediate surfers is La Source. This is an A-framing peak, which is playful and probably one of very few waves in Taghazout that provide goofy footers an opportunity to ride on their front-side.


Level: Intermediate to advanced

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

5 min drive | 20 min walk



This Spot is The Most popular spots around Taghazout , Because This Place is Close For The Village and Where You are Stay Just 5 Minute Leave Your Apartment and Enjoy The Beauty of The Ocean and Take Wave


Level: beginners and advanced

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

3 min walk



to improve your skills with supervision and guidance of a qualified surf instructor or Visit exceptional sites
Around 14 kilometres to the north of Agadir and a couple to the south of Taghazout is the small village of Tamraght.


Level: beginners and advanced

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

10 min drive



Killer Point is a point break located on the northern part of Taghazout, that I totally recommend for experienced surfers. 

This spot is perfect for right-handers and it will give you some memorable long rides in the right conditions.


Level: Beginners and Advanced

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

8 min drive



Anchor Point is the holy grail of surfing in Morocco. If you get the point on a big day with a nice little offshore you are going to be getting some big take offs and nice walls.


Level: Advanced

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

3 min drive / 15 min walk



Tamri is a beach break, suitable for all levels. When it's flat everywhere else and is a pretty good sandy beach break works from low to high tides.


Level: intermediate to advanced

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

40 min drive



There is not just one surf Surf Spot in Imsouane town but two amazing surfing beaches: Cathedral and The Bay, offering one of the most incredible exposure of the north-west African coast.


Level: Any level

Tide: Low to Mid-tide

60 min drive



From EUR 35.00 pp/night

Each huge apartment is designed with 3 bedrooms with shard bathroom and kitchen and rooftop for guests interested in meeting other people. Here at the house you'll find most of the visitors to be  Europeans so English is a common language and like a mother tongue.


From EUR 40.00 pp/night

House offers comfortable privet rooms in a calm environment and a stunning location directly at hashpoit spot and acces rooftop beach view. It has double and single rooms, a shared bathroom with shower / WC, and a kitchen while sipping a homemade cup of mint tea.


From EUR 50.00 pp/night

For those who look for more privacy, two apartments with kitchen, bedroom, private bathroom (shower / WC), and balcony are available on request. The highlight of the house is the huge rooftop sun terrace where you can chill after an awesome surf day and enjoy



Surfing and Yoga both contribute to your flexibility as well as strength. Likewise, both activities open your eyes to the beauty around you, as both put you in excellent harmony with your surroundings. Our Surf Yoga meets the physical needs of surfers at all levels and will support your learning experience to the maximum.


Morning: 07.00 – 08.00

Afternoon : 17.00 – 18.00


EUR 10 or DH 110 (60 min)




Trip To Paradise

Paradise Valley Definitely don’t miss the chance to go to Paradise Valley, this oasis on the edge of the Atlas Mountain Range is a water wonder world. There are lakes, streams waterfalls surrounded by amazing rock formations and palm trees. The team can show you the best spots to jump in from, places to slide down, or caves to swim through.


Mondays or upon request

Afternoon: Depart 9.00, return at 16.00


Offered for 4 persons or more EUR 15.00


Hammam And Massage

A few minutes from the center of Taghazout, it has a villa with 3 massage rooms and 2 traditional Moroccan baths. The entire team has been professionally trained to ensure guests a unique moment of relaxation. More at home and signature: traditional Moroccan massage for two hours.


Morning: 09.00 – 12.00

Afternoon : 15.00 – 18.00


EUR 30 or DH 330 (120 min)




Trip To Marrackech

Depart Agadir early in the morning taking the highway Agadir to Marrakech. Once you arrive in Marrakech You will start by visiting the historical monuments of Marrakech including the famous Bahia Palace, a walk through the gardens of the Koutoubia Mosque and finally the famous Jamaa El Fana Square, and back to your hotel in Taghazout.


Thursdays or upon request

Afternoon : Depart 7.00, return at 23.00


Offered for 4 persons or more EUR 40.00